Hack24 2017

Packed Pixels are proud to announce that for the second year running we will be a Challenge Sponsor for Hack24. Hack24 is a fantastic 24 hour challenge event where technology professionals and students tackle different technical challenges. It is a fantastic showcase of the breadth and depth of technical talent in the East Midlands, UK.

The challenge - Best Hardware Hack

We can build incredible things with software but it is pretty pointless without hardware to run it on and to interact with the physical world with. It essential for us to have the skills to define and build custom hardware solutions where required. Our challenge is open to any team building a solution that utilises any aspect of hardware (sorry, computers, phones and tablets do not count).

Our primary judging criteria will be: 

  • Benefit brought by the hardware. The hardware needs to bring genuine benefit to the solution.
  • Customisation/original. 24 hours is a very limited time to build custom hardware from scratch but extra credit will be given for the level of originality and/or customisation within the solution.
  • Cool/silly factor. Who says hardware needs to be boring? If you have any moving parts why not stick some Googly eyes on? 

The Prize

Each member of the winning team will receive a Packed Pixels along with a Raspberry Pi starter kit.

Packed PixelsRaspberry Pi kit

Our Judge - Matt Relf

Matt Relf

17 years ago Matt started his career as a developer. Since then he has performed various roles such as Project Manager and IT Manager. 8 years ago he setup Dovetail Technology Ltd offering a range of project management and technical services.

While repeatedly working in remote locations on his laptop Matt became frustrated by the lack of a good portable monitor on the market, so he invented Packed Pixels and took this all the way from idea to market. In addition to the organisational aspects of this he performed much of the hardware design himself.

Matt is very interested in hardware integration and has designed and built his own CNC router and 3D printers as well as building various home automation integrations.