Powered by USB

Powering your Packed Pixels portable screens

Packed Pixels are powered by USBPacked Pixels are powered by USB so there’s no need to carry weighty power packs; you can either power them straight from your laptop, or via a mobile phone adapter if you prefer.

We ship each Packed Pixels screen with its own USB cable for power, along with DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt cables for video output. For more information on how your portable screens gets its video feed, please visit our page on connectivity.

Will a Packed Pixels screen drain my battery?

Powering portable screens from your laptop battery will understandably have some impact depending on how bright you have the displays, however in practice so far we have found this not to be a significant concern. We currently estimate that a single Packed Pixels screen will reduce your laptop battery by between 10-35% depending on the screen brightness as well as the size and quality of your battery. We are in the process of running detailed battery analysis tests and expect to have further information on this very soon.