Packed Pixels Ten Pack


Ten extra monitors for your laptops, that simply clip into place. This 10 pack gives you everything you need to mount and connect 10 Packed Pixels screens to several laptops. Each screen comes with a pair of brackets allowing you to either mount these as individual screens on 10 laptops, as double screens on 5 laptops or any combination inbetween.


  • 10 Packed Pixels screens
  • 10 pairs of mounting brackets
  • 10 desk stands
  • 10 USB to MicroUSB cables
  • 10 DisplayPort to Mini DispayPort cables
  • 10 Mini DisplayPort to Mini DisplayPort cables

Please note: Packed Pixels use DisplayPort or Thunderbolt (1 or 2) ports. HDMI, VGA and Thunderbolt 3 ports are not supported. Your laptop will need a DisplayPort/Thunderbolt port per Packed Pixels screen you wish to run.

In stock - Please allow up to 2 days for dispatch. We ship worldwide.

If you need to place a larger or please contact us for bulk pricing.