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  • Using packed pixels for photography
  • Using packed pixels as a double screen for laptop programming
  • Double monitor presenting with packed pixels
  • Double screen solution with packed pixels
  • Portable double screens - even outside!


  • High resolution portable screens

    Packed Pixels uses high resolution 2048 x 1536 9.7” screens so you'll never be short of desktop space again. We use the same top quality screens that Apple use in their iPads.

  • Universal laptop mounting

    The brackets simply slide on and off and fit a wide variety of screen thicknesses and screen sizes allowing Packed Pixels to be used with most laptops. No sticky pads or awkward clips to worry about.

  • DisplayPort connectivity

    Packed Pixels plugs directly into any DisplayPort/Thunderbolt(1 or 2) enabled laptop.

  • Powered by USB

    No additional power supply needs to be carried as power for Packed Pixels comes via USB

  • Flexible monitor orientation

    The screen(s) can be mounted in portrait or landscape orientations, and even facing away from you for the display of presentations

  • Multiple uses

    From photography to creative writing, family history to programming, Packed Pixels can maximise your productivity whatever you do on the move

Welcome to Packed Pixels

Welcome to Packed Pixels

Packed Pixels are super-lightweight portable high resolution screens, mountable to your laptop by a universal and super easy to use bracket system. On the road productivity has never looked so good. We'd love to hear what you think though, so please get in touch via our Contact Us page or on social media


How is Packed Pixels powered?

No additional power supply needs to be carried as power for Packed Pixels comes via USB. Power can come from the laptop itself or alternatively a mobile phone charger or even a portable battery pack.

Do you ship internationally?

Absolutely, our products have been shipped all over the world! Please see our delivery page for more information on delivery costs

What ports do I need for display output?

Packed Pixels uses mini DisplayPort (Thunderbolt on a Mac) or standard DisplayPort. We'll soon be publishing details of exactly how you can identify what you have

Do I need one port per screen?

You do yes, each Packed Pixels screen needs one DisplayPort or mini DisplayPort / Thunderbolt port