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This page contains important information you must read prior to purchase. A Buy Now link waits for you at the bottom of this page.

Required connections

Before purchase it is important to check your laptop has the correct connections to work with Packed Pixels as not all laptops do.

Each Packed Pixels requires a DisplayPort connection for the video feed and a USB connection to provide power. This means that if you wish to use 2 Packed Pixels your laptop will require 2 DisplayPort connections and 2 USB connections.

Each Packed Pixels comes with cables to connect with both full size DisplayPort and also Mini DisplayPort connections. Thunderbolt (1 or 2) connections on laptops will also automatically swap to being a Mini DisplayPort connection and so these can be used too.


HDMI and VGA connections are NOT supported and there are no adapters currently on the market that will work with the retina resolution of Packed Pixels.

Packed Pixels is also not guaranteed to work with laptop docks. We only guarantee compatibility with laptops that have a native DisplayPort or Thunderbolt (1 or 2) connection.

USB-C and Thunderbolt 3

We now have available our USB-C adapter that upgrades any Packed Pixels so that it can be plugged directly into and laptop with Thunderbolt 3 ports or DP-alt mode enabled USB-C ports.

This adapter can be purchased on its own so existing Packed Pixels owners can upgrade their existing screens to USB-C.

Find our more on the USB-C adapter product page.

Final batch of Packed Pixels 1

As display technology moves on so must we as stocks of the screen panel we use come to an end on the global market. We have unfortunately found that the final batch of Packed Pixels has come to us with a minor light bleed issue on many screens. This issue is not visible during use of Packed Pixels for desktop activities but becomes visible when used for activities where the screen is mostly dark, e.g. watching a movie. Ordinarily we would have looked to replace this stock but as supplies of the screen panels are at an end we are not in a position to do this.

As a result of this we are knocking £30 off the £149 price of a single Packed Pixels to the new price of £119. The dual pack has dropped from £289 to £229. We will continue to offer a 30 day return-to-base returns policy and a full 1 year return-to-base warranty on orders.

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