Introducing the Packed Pixels Go and Packed Pixels 4K

We are very excited to announce two new Packed Pixels, with some very exciting new connectivity options!

And this is not the end of the exciting new features. More news to follow! 

Packed Pixels Go

The perfect companion for ultrabooks and for those who like to travel light.


Packed Pixels 4K

For those who want the full desktop experience, no matter where they are.


Packed Pixels Go and 4K product features table

Both the Packed Pixels Go and Packed Pixels 4K come with exciting new mounting options.

Packed Pixels patented mounting system

They still mount in seconds with our patented brackets. They work with any size of laptop and do not use sticky pads of damaging clamps. 

Packed Pixels flexi stand

A flexi stand for desk use is included.

By using a standard camera screw mount, Packed Pixels can now be supported using any number of camera mounting systems on the market.

Packed Pixels mounted on a tripod

So for example you can now mount your Packed Pixels onto your camera tripod for an extra large preview screen for your DSLR.

Packed Pixels mounted in a car

Or how about in the car for movies or gaming on those long journeys?

With so many ways to connect and mount, Packed Pixels offers limitless possibilities.

Coming to Kickstarter later in February 2019

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