Packed Pixels are no longer available

Packed Pixels were portable monitors for laptops that were sold between 2014 and 2022. They were designed to allow laptop users to have the productivity benefits of a multiple screen setup but with a setup that could be easily transported with them and could be powered directly from their laptop without needing to plug into a wall outlet.

All versions of Packed Pixels used a patented mounting system that was quick to setup and was compatible with virtually all laptop.

The original Packed Pixels was a 9.7” screen with an impressive 2048x1536 resolution.

Original Packed Pixels

Video connectivity was via DisplayPort and power was supplied via a USB connection.

This was crowdfunded in 2014 via Kickstarter and remained on sale till 2019.

In 2019 we launched via Indiegogo crowdfunding campaigns for two new versions. The Packed Pixels Go was a 10.1” screen and a direct replacement for the original Packed Pixels. The Packed Pixels 4K was a 15.6” screen for users looking for a full desktop multi screen experience that was truly portable.

Packed Pixels Go and Packed Pixels 4K

Both of the new versions supported USB-C and HDMI connectivity.

While taking the prototypes forward to being production ready it was found that the approach being taken with the electronics did not reliably work across all laptops, requiring work on the electronics to have to be started from scratch using a completely different approach. This pushed development work back into 2020 when the pandemic then hit. This made it impossible to travel to China to work with engineers on development which caused further significant delays to the project.

The Packed Pixels 4K was eventually able to launch in 2021. Towards the end of 2021 though we were approached about selling the patents to our unique mounting system. Given all of the work that we have put in over the years into Packed Pixels it was a difficult decision but in the end we felt it was the right thing to do. The Packed Pixels Go never made full production. All crowdfunding backers have either received a Packed Pixels or will be issued a refund before we fully close down Packed Pixels.

It is no longer possible to purchase Packed Pixels screens.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us over the years!