Packed Pixels Go and Packed Pixels 4K

Millions of computer users understand the huge productivity gains that additional computer screens can bring. By reducing or eliminating the time spent switching back and forth between different programs, additional screens can allow you to get things done much more quickly.

When using a laptop being limited to just the single laptop screen can be frustrating. We created Packed Pixels so you can easily take a lightweight and durable monitor wherever you go, so you can stay productive all the time.

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Why Packed Pixels?

Packed Pixels has always been:

  • Huge aid to productivity
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • High quality retina display
  • Easy, universal mounting system
  • First to market

Our new Packed Pixels models build on these with:

  • Two screen size options to choose from
  • HDMI and USB-C connectivity

See how Packed Pixels could help you:

Work from home/coffee shop/hot desk/freelance

Have you ever found yourself trying to write a proposal but you are constantly having to switch back and forth to a spreadsheet that has all the figures on it?

Using a laptop for office work without a Packed Pixels

With Packed Pixels you can have the proposal open on your laptop screen and the figures immediately to hand on your Packed Pixels. Spend more time working and less time wasted switching back and forth between programs.

Using a laptop for office work with Packed Pixels


Many developers understand the benefits of extra screens. It can therefore be so frustrating when working on a laptop to be switching back and forth with that helpful wiki, while also missing out on crucial items in your chat window.

Using a laptop for development without a Packed Pixels

With Packed Pixels you can have it all; chat windows, wiki pages, monitoring dashboards, etc. no matter where you are.

Using a laptop for development with Packed Pixels

Photographer/Film maker

Do you wish you had a larger preview screen when shooting and editing?

Using a camera and laptop without a Packed Pixels

Packed Pixels can help. While connected to your laptop, Packed Pixels can give you a rich full colour preview of your output. For film makers, the Packed Pixels 4K gives you a full 4K preview of your output.

But that isn’t all. Thanks to the HDMI connectivity, you can also connect your Packed Pixels directly to your camera for a large preview of what you are shooting. And thanks to the standard 1/4 UNC thread mount on the rear of Packed Pixels, it can be mounted using any standard camera mount.

Using a camera and laptop with Packed Pixels

Stocks and shares day trader

If you deal in stocks and shares you know how important it is to have as much screen space as possible so you can track the market trends. While laptops are great for letting you trade from anywhere in the world, it can be frustrating being so limited on what you can track on just one screen.

Using a laptop for day trading without Packed Pixels

Packed Pixels only use retina panels which means you can fit more stock graphs on screen, giving you that competitive advantage. And thanks to how lightweight and durable Packed Pixels are, you can make your millions where ever you want to be.

Using a laptop for day trading with Packed Pixels


Do you want to be the envy of the LAN party or wish you could game on your console anywhere? Packed Pixels can help. With Packed Pixels you can turn your gaming laptop into a widescreen powerhouse. Or perhaps you just need some extra screen space for the ultimate laptop Twitch setup.

Thanks to our inclusion of HDMI connectivity console gamers aren’t left out either. Packed Pixels can plug into your Xbox, Playstation or Switch for the ultimate go anywhere setup that drops easily into your backpack.

The Packed Pixels difference

Packed Pixels are the only retina resolution portable laptop monitors on the market.
Our patented mounting system works with any size of laptop and takes seconds to take on and off. Out system does NOT use sticky pads that are permanently stuck to your laptop or clamping brackets that can damage your screen.
We have a track record of delivering quality and reliable screens all over the world, backed up with excellent customer service.

Which Packed Pixels is right for me?

No matter which Packed Pixels you choose, you will have a lightweight and durable screen that will improve your productivity, no matter where you are.

Packed Pixels Go and Packed Pixels 4K

Packed Pixels Go

Our Packed Pixels Go is our more compact screen that has been designed to be the perfect companion to lightweight ultrabook laptops and for those who like to travel light. Don’t be fooled by its smaller size. The Go packs a real punch with its beautiful retina display.

Packed Pixels 4K

The Packed Pixels 4K has been designed for those who who run larger and more powerful laptops and want only the best. Its size and massive 4K resolution is perfect for those who want a powerful workstation no matter where they are.

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Reviews and testimonials

For the past 3 years we have been shipping Packed Pixels worldwide, helping thousands of people all over the globe to be more productive. Don’t just take our word for it, here is what they’ve had to say about Packed Pixels.

“absolutely love it!”

“super sharp and very bright”

“the product and functionality of it are wonderful”

“Has made my work so much easier.”

“Great product with great customer service backing it up!”

“such a beautiful screen”

We launched the original Packed Pixels via the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform. We feel this comment from a backer shows what you can expect from us.

“I will always look forward to any Kickstarter campaigns by this team: they represent the very best type of Kickstarter experience and have indeed delivered an awesome product that still is way ahead of any potential competition out there... and there really isn't any (yet). YOU GUYS ROCK!”

How do I order?

Just as we did with the original Packed Pixels, we are launching the Packed Pixels Go and Packed Pixels 4K via crowdfunding. This is a great way for you to support us and secure yourself Packed Pixels at up to a 55% discount!

Don’t worry if you are new to crowdfunding, it is really easy to use. Simply click on either of the campaign images below to be taken through to the Packed Pixels Go or Packed Pixels 4K campaign, select if you want 1 or 2 screens and then follow the easy to use sign up and checkout process.

Buy Packed Pixels Go on Indiegogo
Packed Pixels Go Indiegogo Campaign
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Packed Pixels 4K Indiegogo Campaign

Tech specs

Packed Pixels Go and Packed Pixels 4K Technical Specifications